Harbourside Gallery to close, for now

Tricia Bradford has to announce that the Harbourside Gallery at the Tewantin Marina is closing on August 2.  This has been a wonderful display outlet for local artists and we are all very sad to have to close this fantastic location.

The public is invited to the closing party at 3pm on Saturday August 2. It’s a time to celebrate the wonderful opportunity that the artists were able to take advantage of and hope that another opportunity presents itself in the near future.

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Natalie Barlow: Australiana August Exhibition

While at high school Natalie became interested in art but it wasn’t until she had finished the commercial art course that she then decided to pursue her dream and study visual merchandising and commercial art at the Melbourne College of Decoration and in 1987 attained a TAFE certificate in Promotional Display and Advertising.She continued with oil painting classes with the exceptional artist and teacher Robert Knight and the late Terry Collins who introduced her to plein air painting. This opened up a whole new world and for many years Natalie concentrated on landscape painting. Then in 1990 she was influenced by Diedre Hunt whose works of birds in watercolour led her onto a different path.

It was extremely exciting as she found that with careful observation she could paint birds with a great deal of detail and accuracy. She gained inspiration for her artwork by photographing birds at Healesville Sanctuary, in the wetlands area at Bicentennial Park in Sydney, her own garden, Australia Zoo, trips to Kakadu, , Taronga Zoo and Wildlife Habitat Park in Port Douglas. These days Natalie also paints birds in oils which she loves as oils are her favourite medium.

Throughout this time she has worked as a graphic artist in Melbourne, Coffs Harbour, Sydney and the Sunshine Coast where she now lives.

Natalie has won many awards and has exhibited solo and in group exhibitions and has her paintings at Pomona Gallery. For the month of August this year she has a group exhibition at the Harbourside Gallery, Noosa Marina from 10am to 4pm daily.

Natalie Barlow

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Pam Taylor: A Tribute to Mondrian and More…

Paintings in bright colours are a trademark of Pam Taylor. Her new passion for ceramics came about by default whilst at art school last year. Recovering from shoulder surgery, unable to paint at an easel, Pam began playing with clay, building abstract shaped pots and vases with slabs or coils.

Her bright colours began to transfer to the pots and vases using under-glaze colours painted on the vessels in Mondrian style patterns.

Whilst experimenting with final firing, Pam was exposed to the wonderful world of the Raku kiln, it lent itself to abstraction, as you never know what will happen – it’s end result is serendipity, or a happy surprise !

Pam invites you to come along and see her selection of ceramics, and paintings that complement the work in the 3D gallery.

 The exhibition will be at Harbourside Gallery, Noosa Marina, Tewantin, during the month of August 2014. An opening will be held on Saturday 2nd August at 3pm. 

Pam Taylor 1


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Janet Carew: Temptations – August exhibition

Janet Carew, a painter, working in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland east of Maleny, will be exhibiting a selection of her work at the Harbourside Gallery, Noosa from 1st to 31st August.

Janet’s journey as an artist began with fashion design and continued around life form (human and animal) when she began drawing and painting in acrylics and mixed media around seven years ago.

The theme for her selected works is “Temptations”. With a corporate background in forensic financial investigations, and a keen analyst of human behaviour, she was fascinated to observe the way “temptations” affected peoples choices to defraud. Temptation is a major draw card in our society, and is constantly used in marketing to lure potential customers. Usually defined as something that tempts someone to do something wrong, the idea of temptation often stimulates a feeling of excitement and often the only perception of “wrong doing” is in the eye of the rule setters.

Some of the work in this exhibition features her puppy, “Bellamy”, who delighted in testing lots of little ‘rules’ and it is through her whimsical portrayal of animal behavior in breaking the rules set down by humans that Janet presents a lighter perspective of temptation.

“Art is a Temptation that makes life more Exciting”, Janet says. Other pieces in this exhibition deal with human form and emotion and invite closer inspection and discussion.

Janet will be at the gallery before the opening on 2nd August from 3pm and is looking forward to sharing her stories and insights, so please feel free to attend.


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Kristine Cameron’s “Art is Life expressed”

Kristine Cameron’s “Art is Life expressed” showcases her latest stunning art works of the Sea. Kristine’s passion with colour embodies the impression of communicating with the beach and all its facets.

Some paintings demonstrate the sea and its massive form from an intimate perspective. Others encounter the beach as it transforms itself. Our seascape is constantly changing not only the dunes but the turbulent and powerful ocean.

Kristine’s endless inspiration allows the viewer to participate within the bounds of the canvas.

Colour inspires a powerful emotion. The blue-green affects the deep and the shallow, and the ever changing sand colours emit the passive, calm and sometimes serene. In others it is the deep turbulence and energising aura of the tumultuous waves enhanced by the deep greens and blues.

This exhibition, “Art is Life expressed” is a translation of the seascape as she experiences it. Her paintings encompass both contemporary and traditional styles.

Kristine teaches both adults and children visual creativity from her studio at Marcus Beach. All art work produced from the studio is showcased with an annual exhibition. These have proved very successful in the past and have produced many potential artists.


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Robin Pierre Versluys and Retro Nudes

With many years in the furnishing fabric and home ware industries back in the 70’s and 80’s and from a textile design background, designing for Bolda Fabrics and Axis Textiles, Robin Versluys has followed this strong sense of design for large geometric designs from this period into canvas art in the now popular Retro style.

With bold geometric shapes and colours entwined to form his nudes, he has produced this new exhibition of four Retro Nudes, all one meter square in acrylic on canvas.

To complement these stunningly bright paintings, all four are available in a limited addition numbered and signed print, 40cm. X 40cm. square, framed or unframed.

Robin also paints commissions for clients in colours and sizes to enhance your home or commercial space, plus he produces Car Art, an original painting of your Classic Car in an impressionist style, one of which is on display at Harbourside Gallery during the month of July.

 Brochure and prices available on request from  rversluys@bigpond.com  or 0409 544 998.


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Book Now

An exhibition by the Noosa Paper and Book Group

Visitors to Harbourside Gallery this July are in for a treat as the Noosa Paper and Books group show off their work in an exhibition entitled ‘Book Now’.

For these artists paper and books are not just utilitarian objects for the library, office or the school desk. They turn paper and books into beautiful art objects.

Books take on different forms, unusual shapes and formats, and tell fascinating one-off stories. There will also be plenty of blank, handmade books to become your own unique sketchbooks, journals, or notebooks.

The exhibition will include beautiful handmade papers from plants found in local gardens and bushland that form layers of texture and natural colours. As well as making paper artists from the group also mould, fold, manipulate, and sew paper to make sculptural objects, books, and paper artifacts.

Leader of the group, Di Tait, said: “Paper and books are all around us, but artists can take everyday things and turn them into surprising and interesting artworks. This exhibition is about showing off some of the things we do with paper and books.”

The exhibition ‘Book Now’ is at Harbourside Gallery at the Noosa Marina in Tewantin during the whole of July, with an official opening on Saturday the 5th July at 3pm


Mary Parle with her butterfly book.

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